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This is a hack that you might find useful. I use it when I need to temporarily hook up two PCs that have Ethernet 10Base-T cards and peer-to-peer networking installed. This allows me to test one machine's network setup or to transfer files from machine to machine very quickly. The cable allows the connecting of two PCs without the use of a hub (hence the term, null hub).

New and improved pinout! *

Cable pinout
Plug 1Plug 2
1 (TD+)3 (RD+)
2 (TD-)6 (RD-)
3 (RD+)1 (TD+)
6 (RD-)2 (TD-)

Legal disclaimer:
This setup has worked for me in the past with the PCs and network cards I use. There may be complications with this hack in situations I haven't seen. In other words, your mileage may vary.

* Now, it's correct!