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"Sailing Geek" threat takes on ominous tone as fleet barges through 1-ton mark

Birmingham, AL - The "Sailing Geek" has just acquired a newer, and much larger sailboat. As this reporter warned in his last article, Water Safety Director, Marlon Spike, has confirmed the purchase of a Hunter 23 by the systems analyst turned sailor. "Normally we don't notice purchases before the vessles have been registered to the new owner but we felt we should make an exception in this case", Spike said in a phone interview.

"At 23 feet and 2,460 pounds, this latest vessel acquisition changes the tone of the sailing-geek problem" he added. While it's encouraging that this vessel will be limited to displacement-hull speeds (somewhat slower than the Kelly II on windy days), the sheer momentum of a vessel such as this, even at 5 knots, is alarming when you consider who is at the helm. One can only hope that he gets better very quickly!"

Even though it still sits in front of the geek's home (20 miles from the nearest navigable waterway) the boat has already been something of a hazard since the geek took possesion of it. Purchased somewhere in Georgia, the boat had to be towed at least 140 miles to Birmingham. Motorists were reported to have suffered no long-term ill effects from several frightening near-misses that occured all along the I-285, I-20 trek. Several of the drivers said that they were bothered less by the speeding 1-ton mass of fiberglass and iron than by the expletive hand gestures made by the towing truck's driver, a blond female, believed to be Kelly of Kelly II fame.

sailing geek fleet tonnage: 1.35

The Kelly III (?)