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Kelly II makes two outings without incident

Pell City, AL - In what some are hailing as a major development in boating safety on Alabama waterways, the Kelly II has set sail for two consecutive outings without major incident. Of special interest to safety experts is that the boat was skippered in both instances by the Systems Analyst known as "the geek".

"Some have attributed it to the relatively light winds that we have experienced lately on Logan Martin Lake, but I'm not so sure.", says Bill G. Scuppers, Logan Martin Water Safety Director. "It's true that during the last two trips the wind was so light that the Kelly II spent much of her time stranded in the middle of the lake patiently waiting for any gust that came along.

But I saw the geek's piloting style on the boat's maiden voyage.

I was certain that he could find a way to cause some sort of maritime disturbance with or without wind!"

For his part, the geek was quick to point out that the last two trips were made with no crew, perhaps suggesting that his crews were to blame for the earlier mishaps. It has also been suggested that the rookie skipper is actually "starting to to get the hang of this sailing thing".

"I'm afraid that may be a bit optimistic at this point.", Scuppers says. "Besides, we're only talking about two successful trips on practically windless days. Maybe it was a combination of low winds and luck that kept the geek out of trouble."

Only time will tell.