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Newly refurbished trailer successfully carries Kelly II to her near-demise

Pell City, AL - With only a few hours of daylight left, the geek and his girfriend, the eponimous Kelly, finished the Kelly II's trailer and gave it a trial run by carrying both boat and trailer to Logan Martin Lake this weekend.

After a completely successful drive, the two routinely set up the mast and other running rigging of the Kelly II and set out. This would be the last of the routine and successful maneuvers for the day.

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The captain explains: "We started out slow, like usual, as there's not much wind in that slew where we put in. But after getting out near the main body of water, the wind picked up and we had a pretty good time of it. But then, I guess, we got cocky..."

For reasons that are still unclear (crew and captain cannot aggree on the cause), Kelly ended up standing on the bow just forward of the mast. "This move actually started out very well", the geek explained, "but then, I decided to turn the boat a little."

As he did so, the boat began to heel quite a bit to starboard. Kelly, still standing, began to heel to starboard a bit herself and at about 50-60 degrees, she, fortunately for the Kelly II, slid off and into the water.

"That was actually a fairly minor situation, but then, in my haste to get Kelly back on board, I forgot to release the mainsheet and allowed the boat to turn while concentrating on Kelly." The rest is predictable. As the Kelly II turned out of irons, she began to heel. The geek, who was on the leeward side of the boat, did not stay there for long. The boat heeled to the point of jettisoning her unbalanced cargo and did not stop until achieving a 100 degree list. (See map and figure)

"Suffice it to say that we have verified that the boat is unsinkable and fairly easy to right by pulling the dagger-board back into the water.", the geek offered. "We also determined that Kelly needs to brush up on her swimming."

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