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Kelly II survives shake-down cruise at hands of local computer geek and crew

Pell City, AL - Despite their best efforts, a local Systems Analyst (known only as "the geek") and company could not sink the good ship Kelly II on her first voyage bearing that moniker. In fact, it was the first time in the water for the boat (often described as a micro-yacht) in over a year and it was the first time the geek had skippered a boat of any kind. The crew which consisted of one man is a friend of the geek's and has almost as little experience sailing. "My crew, Ken, has skippered a HobieCat with some success in the past.", the geek offered as his criteria in crew selection. He later volunteered that by "some success" he meant that no lives were lost and no court action was pending at the time of selection.

After hearing of some onlookers' concern for their safety, the geek assured us that what the inexperienced boaters must have observed were "typical" shake-down maneuvers.

"Sometimes you just need to see how far a boat will heel before actually capsizing.", the new skipper informed us. And all that flailing around with the gear while the boat sat motionless? "Well, we had to inspect a lot of the gear for wear and it only makes sense to do that 'in irons'", the geek reported, refering to the point of sail where the front of the boat is pointed directly into the wind (sometimes, even intentionally).

He continued, "And as long as we're talking about so-called 'accidents', Ken did, at one point, help me out practicing a man-overboard situation. That might have been mistaken for someone standing in a boat and then falling overboard but can I help it if the man is a purist? He won't settle for anything less than authentic!"

Boaters in the area are advised that the geek plans more cruises and he concedes that such "shake-down" maneuvers could continue for an indeterminate time.

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