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Hat: Wednesday
No hat: Pugsley

Biting: Wednesday
Being bitten: Pugsley

Here are my dogs, Pugsley and Wednesday. They are fine now but I found them abandoned and in poor health because someone neglected to have two other dogs spayed and neutered. This would probably be a good time to mention that it is a real good idea to have your cat or dog spayed or neutered. There are lots of low cost ($20 - $45) options available around the country.

(Uh oh. There's one of those unsolicited opinions. Sorry - I'll try to keep it to a minimum.)
Since meeting my girlfriend Kelly, my latest hobby is horseback riding. Here is a picture of Kelly along with her favorite pasttime, Natchez, a 15.2 Red Dun Paint. (Kelly's the one with the short nose.)

Above: Kelly
Below: Natchez

But a big 1200 lb horse isn't enough for Kelly. She has to have a couple of cats, too! And they're not lightweights either! Behold, Merlin and Tuff - 33 lbs of cats.

And of course, we had to adopt this cutie when she showed up at the barn! Lane is not quite as big as Merlin and Tuff...yet.

Here's a picture of the geek alongside the 23-foot micro-yacht Kelly III. It joins the Kelly II as the latest addition to the Kelly fleet.

The Kelly fleet ensign (the Natchez logo), by the way, is modeled after a horse since horses are Kelly's raison d'etre!

Kelly II
Kelly III
The Natchez Logo
The Kelly Fleet

Kelly III

Kelly III

Kelly II

By the way, now you have to call me Lt. Geek!
Vulcan Power Squadron

The United States Power Squadrons

United States Power Squadrons, USPS, the USPS Ensign, and the Trident Design are Registered Trademarks of United States Power Squadrons, Inc.

See! Pretty boring. You were warned!